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Common mistakes in web design

Common mistakes in web design
What are the main factors for the success of the site?

Merchants and companies spend millions on designing the fronts of their stores and the entrances of their companies, and newspapers and news magazines care about their front page or cover page and give it special importance in their design from the rest of the internal pages and the reason behind this is the awareness of these to the extent of the importance of good design for their commercial headquarters and their impact on customers, the thing The same applies to websites on the Internet and its ability to attract the largest number of visitors and what it should be of simplicity in design, ease and speed of navigation, and other means of attracting visitors, except that with a good time passing in the use of the Internet the sites Elk Tronia is not without faults and errors in its design, which we review the most important in the following:
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Difficulty reading website topics
When starting to design a website, many factors are considered in its success, the most important of which are: Facilitating reading of the texts contained in the website by the visitor. But the amazing thing is that after many years have passed since the Internet was used for commercial purpose, we still see many sites that are difficult to read their content for several reasons, either because of the small font size used and not enlarged when the page is enlarged or to use a colored background with a color close to the font color or that the font type The same does not provide ease of reading, although it is easy to overcome by choosing the appropriate size of the text and taking into account the clarity between the text and the background, by choosing the appropriate colors, as well as the technology currently used that provides the user with the advantage of controlling the text size.

Page content congestion and lack of space
Many webpage designers and owners use every space on the page to fill it with the contents of images or texts, unconcerned about the visitor's preferable comfortable pages that are not empty of spaces, especially those with a white background that provides comfort to the eyes of those who browse them, and focus on what they contain. Therefore, the site should not be crowded with contents that appear scattered in many sites and leave white spaces to include links to other pages that help browsers find what they are looking for. There are many examples of very simple and multi-content sites.

Animated start pages
Designers use the design of most sites with Flash technology for animation, which is usually accompanied by sound effects to design the introduction or the start page of the site, which is something that many people who see in it as a waste of time hinder them from direct entry to important information on the site, there is a key factor that must be taken into account in the design of sites, which is The time of Internet surfers is very precious, and therefore important information must be provided to the browser in a fast and direct way and there is no need to delve into useless design skills.

Blurred links
Links are one of the pillars of browsing through the Internet and the most important features that help the browser to move from one topic to another related without losing focus on what he searches or reads, or sometimes directs him to the details of the topic, which is the feature of adding a link or Hyperlink to a phrase in the text or icon to use Page designer, but sometimes - as noted in some sites - it does not succeed in highlighting the link, which is due to not choosing the appropriate color that distinguishes it from the rest of the text with a preference that is placed under it to make it clear to the browser and distinguish its color from the rest of the text taking into account the color change when Use it before and after.
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Multiple lists of contents and sections of the site
The main reason for using lists is to display the contents of the site that facilitate the browsing process for the visitor and help him to reach the part to be browsed or what he is searching for on the site and without effort, and many sites are taken to repeat lists that contain links to the pages of the main page and repeat them sometimes with internal pages, And that is about reviewing design skills and using drop-down menus and other tools that use Java software, etc. from skills that may not be feasible and create a state of confusion for the site visitor, and it is preferable to add a list of site contents characterized by clarity and simplicity with a good selection of their location in the pal Ascochyta right Kalnahih sites in Arabic and English sites left or languages ​​that are read from left, which helps easy navigation.

Inconsistency of the website pages
Some designers tend to change the design and appearance of each page separately from the pages of a single site and resort to the use of many different colors and fonts in their design, which causes the browser to be confused and difficult to browse the site in addition to that means the site lost the characteristic of professionalism, and fortunately there is no longer Many of those sites are thanks to modern design techniques such as CSS technology that helped limit this, and therefore it is necessary to take into account the consistency of the pages of a single site and the use of different colors of the pages or sections of the site may not hurt to be in the service of the visitor and to identify and distinguish the section that browses with Tove T link to return to the home page.

Many animated icons and flashes
Many website owners see that the visitor's attention should be attracted by adding many impressive graphics, animated icons, and sometimes fireworks, indeed that will achieve the desired dazzling, but it will also lead to the visitor losing his focus on the content of the site and turning it in his view to a generator more than a site that promotes a commodity Or a service or an idea, so using the dazzling factor in designing websites was feasible in the beginnings of the internet, and not now, the visitor has satiated from it and is looking for information only and seeks ease and a little time to get it and we have to realize that the internet browser is not patient in nature.

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Re: Common mistakes in web design

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