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Tuning companies

Similar to the problems faced by companies and organizations working in various fields of life, which resulted from poor control, regulation, and the use of traditional methods of management, and the weakness of keeping up with all the technical, information and technological developments that have become the basis to resist the problems of markets and challenges and changes, and the complexities associated with the expansion of markets, and increased ferocity Competition among institutions operating in the same sector at the local, national, international as well as global levels has prompted all to establish rules and principles for the management and control of institutions, and to choose the best way to practice There is therefore a need for a clear law regulating work in organizations called administrative law, which is directly related to work in the public or private sector, and specifically related to the work of the executive branch. [1]


Administrative Law
Administrative law, or as it is called in the field of business at the level of countries in the English language (Administrative law), represents a set of legal procedures and rules that regulate the work of the executive authority in all its administrative functions, and outlines and limits the relationship between the state and its employees in all sectors. One of the most important branches of common law. [2]

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Administrative Law Functions
The functions of administrative law: [3]

Enforce commitment, discipline and control in ministries by establishing rules and regulations that govern behavior, and ensure strong management, leadership and disciplined control.

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Achieving interdependence between administrative reform and good governance, in light of a transparent and qualified judiciary that is capable of settling disputes in a fair manner, governed by rules and regulations that contribute to speedy discussion of cases and ensuring timely implementation of judgments.
Develop a well-regulated financial system with modern legislation, implement antitrust laws, and promote accountability, integrity and transparency.
Compliance and external accountability, performance planning and control, as well as internal compliance and accountability.
Appointment of staff, directors of public institutions, selection of senior staff, and ensuring the competence of employees before their selection upon appointment and qualification, where they must be skilled to be able to perform the tasks assigned to them professionally and competently.
Determine the responsibilities of the boards of directors and the Council of Ministers, each according to its competence.
Raising the efficiency of government departments and agencies and reducing bureaucratic procedures in them by activating coordination between the internal work procedures in the executive authority with those departments and agencies, and regularly evaluating their performance according to clear, specific and agreed standards.
Separation of executive, supervisory, custody and trust functions.

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