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The difference between Android and iOS

Android and iOS are operating systems that are mainly used in mobile technology such as smartphones, as well as in tablets. The user must carefully select the operating systems for smartphones and tablets to suit the purposes they want to buy. The following will explain the difference between Android and iOS: [4]


Operating system ios
The iOS operating system is an operating system from Apple, which benefits iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices. The iOS operating system handles the commands of the software applications on these devices.

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Fast and simple to use.
Fingerprint lock gives strong security.
The quality of the camera is excellent although the megapixels are lower, which is one of the most important factors that make the difference between Android and iOS.
It results in less heat compared to the Android system.
What makes the difference between Android and iOS is that the iOS operating system puts each application in its own layer of protection, which does not allow other applications to process them.This makes it impossible for the virus to infect applications on the iOS operating system, which gives some users preference when browsing. The difference between Android and iOS, however, this type of operating system has a number of disadvantages that can be explained as follows:

Inelastic and supports iOS devices only.
Not an open source.
Applications are very large when compared to other mobile platforms.
Supports only one SIM.
Repair costs are high.
The devices are very expensive, and this is for users the most important thing that falls under the difference between Android and iOS.
Android operating system
Android operating system was developed by Google in 2007, and since Google has developed Android, it provides a lot of Google Apps services installed on those devices of course, to support the needs of many users, and can be explained the advantages of the operating system Android as follows:

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It has an improved interface with a set of icons in the menu.
Adapts to high-quality 2D and 3D graphics, with multi-touch support.
Supports multitasking, that is, it allows multiple applications to run simultaneously.
Supports many languages, including right-to-left text.
Provides a supported MMS.
Java works great on Android.
Supports most audio and video media formats.
In order to enjoy some of the features of the Android operating system, the user must have an Internet connection with a decent bandwidth, so the user can make free local or international VoIP calls on his or her device, and this type of operating system is characterized by it allows everyone - whether an expert or not - Developing multiple applications for Android phones, which gives Android some preference among some users in the trade-off between the differences between Android and iOS, and despite the advantages of the operating system Android has a number of disadvantages can be explained as follows:

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The user needs to be connected to the Internet in many services.
A number of ads are shown above or below apps.
Battery wasted, it generates more heat compared to ios, a frequent complaint for some users that makes them think carefully to what extent the difference between Android and iOS.
Many Android apps contain viruses.

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