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A fly is a common name for any insect belonging to the diptera family, and its scientific name is Musca. This family includes a very large number of species exceeding the 100,000 species spread in all continents of the world, and the most common among people: domestic flies and mosquitoes, and their species in the world: black flies, blue flies, flies deer, fruit flies, sand flies, and fly Tse Tse (famous for transmitting serious sleeping sickness in Africa). There are many other insects that are known to be flies, although it is not scientifically recognized as true species, because they have four wings instead of two, including tremors, May fly, and scorpion flies. These insects can be very dangerous pests to humans, they abound and spread around containers and waste, and in places where cleanliness is not well taken care of in cities, and then, may cause the transfer of many serious diseases, including malaria, sleeping sickness and filariasis. For this reason, the control of flies has become a major concern for bodies and governments, and many studies in this area, such as drying or covering the swamps with oils, and spraying pesticides, which may be a way to eliminate small mosquitoes and flies originating in water.


Biological functions of flies
The fly has two strong, transparent wings that spread blood in the form of small black lines, and like other insects, the body consists of three parts: the head, chest and abdomen. The fly has an oval head and two large side-mounted eyes that are composed of thousands of tiny hexagonal lenses that help it to see its surroundings very precisely. It is like thousands of tiny eyes stacked on top of each other. And respond to it in parts of a second, helping them to escape their enemies easily. On the other hand, the eyes of the flies do not help him to see in the darkness, and therefore he hates dark darkness and is always attracted to strong light and bright sunlight that is associated with strong heat, and from here these organisms acquire the peak of their activity in the hot summer months, becoming a very disturbing man. 2]

The fly has two sensitive sensors at the top of its head, and has six powerful legs coated with fine hair.These hairs can efficiently capture the vibrations caused by sound waves and transmit them through neuronal assemblies to her brain, hence the fly acquires a hearing sensation. The mouth of the fly is a long, flexible hose that ends with lips of rubber flesh, and is the only means of obtaining food, so it only eats organic decomposing liquids and can not devour harsh food, but it has secretions that can dissolve starches and sugars].

مكافحة الحشرات

Life cycle of flies
Flies do not survive for a long period of time. The average fly's lifespan ranges from one to two months, but it is able to reproduce very quickly during its short lifetime. Each female fly can lay 100 to 200 eggs at once, and it lays several times during Given the speed at which the larvae of these insects grow, one pair (males and females) is able to leave offspring of hundreds of thousands of flies within a few weeks. [3]

Flies are harmful
These organisms naturally live in dirty environments rich in rotting, decomposing and decomposing organic matter, and therefore carry giant numbers of germs on every part of their body. They are also very attracted to the foods that humans eat, and then transport all these germs to food. The fly touches something that it transmits to hundreds of thousands of germs in a matter of moments.These germs may not necessarily be dangerous, but sometimes they carry diseases that kill people, such as meningitis, plague, malaria, Many health problems, including diarrhea, food poisoning, etc. [3]

Ways to get rid of flies

Ways to get rid of flies
Many people get upset when seeing flies indoors, because it is harmful to health. It transports germs from one place to another, causing diseases and health problems on humans. There are various effective ways to get rid of flies, the most important of which are: [4]

Dehumidification: One of the most important ways to eliminate flies is to prevent them from obtaining breeding or food, and the preferred places for flies in this area are stagnant water-rich stains of organic matter, which can easily spread throughout the kitchen, especially in the basin and in the basket When throwing any liquid or wet waste inside it, be careful to dry anything before dumping it inside and keep the kitchen as dry as possible.
Cover the garbage basket: it attracts many flies because it contains huge amounts of organic material that it likes.
The use of traps: Flies can be caught in many ways, many traps designed to catch these insects are sold in markets and shops, the most important of which is adhesive paper coated with sugar or sweet liquids, or traps that depend on the attraction of these insects to the sources of traps. If the weather is hot and flies spread around the house.

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