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BERLIN, Feb. 27 (Xinhua) -- The "Wolves" part company with head coach Valerien Ismael with immediate effect, the Bundesliga club confirmed in an official statement on Monday.

Valerien Ismael's end came with 17 matches in the job, as four losses in five competitive games forced Wolfsburg to react.

"After weighing up all facts and circumstances we have agreed that parting ways is the right measure to bring the team back on track," Wolfsburg sporting director Olaf Rebbe said.

The final straw was Friday's 2-1 loss to Werder Bremen where Wolfsburg dominated the game but were unable to make the most of their many opportunities. As a result, the "Wolves" sit just two points away from the relegation zone.

"We would like to thank Valerien Ismael for his immediate willingness to take over the team in a difficult situation in October 2016," Rebbe added.

Wolfsburg sit on the 14th place of the Bundesliga standings. They encounter Mainz at the 23rd round in Bundesliga on Saturday.

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