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Patient advocacy groups aim at creating awareness in the health sector and making access to medical care easier. They ensure that patients utilize their health plan benefits to access high quality services. The agencies are run by the government Wholesale Jerseys From China , private sector and non-profit organizations. Their target is the entire public though those in private and non-profit category are more specific about their patients.

From a broader perspective, advocacy groups involve themselves with legislation and policy development. They aim at ensuring that systems are improved such that patients find it easier and cheaper to access medical care. These organizations are usually very specific. They target a certain group of patients because their medical procedures are unique. Examples are organizations that lobby for cancer, diabetes and Alzheimers, among other life conditions.

Advocacy agencies engage in such activities as sensitization campaigns and fund raisers. They produce relevant literature and information that is disseminated in different platforms and formats. Their concern does not involve direct contact or interaction between care givers and patients. However, they audit and evaluate the nature of such interactions with the aim of making it better. Their interest in policy and provision of services seeks to lift the burden off the back of the sick.

The government plays a role in advocacy through established department that address the plight of patients. Such departments act as ombudsman to check on compliance and handle complains. They monitor policy implementation in health care so that patients can enjoy comprehensive Wholesale Jerseys China , effective and high quality medical care. The government also monitors the activities of health service providers to ensure compliance.

There are individuals who act as advocates and intermediaries between patients and care providers. They mainly derive their passion from a medical or social work background. They seek to make it easier for patients to navigate bureaucratic health systems or the services that are provided by government agencies.

The availability of advocates between patients and service providers makes decision making more accurate and easier. The former nurses, doctors and health workers understand the best options in such cases as transition from assisted living to nursing homes, requirements for various medical conditions and the best long term medical plans. They assist with bill-tracking, transportation as well as payments. To work as an advocate, one does not require a license Wholesale Jerseys , accreditation or certificate. It is possible to operate as an individual.

Universities and colleges provide certificate courses in advocacy on part-time basis. The program may run for an entire year with evening or weekend classes. A successful advocate on one who is well versed with the area he or she is working. It is required that you know the procedures, processes and legislation guiding the medical sector before becoming an advocate.

Groups are sometime more successful than individuals because they can mobilize resources and reach more people. Their impact is felt wider and they present individuals with more exposure to materials and learning resources. The cases handled by groups are dynamic which is an incredible learning experience for anyone working as an advocate.

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