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Love these for work. I work outside in az so with the sweat i usually retire them every year and re- up. We have to wear polos and the company supplies them but these are better fit. Of course the taller size availability sold me.
I'm 6'8" 250lbs.
   Vlatka Krčelić
Grandson loved it!! Would order again
Just exactly what we thought it would look like!!! One happy grandson woo hoo!!!!!!
   Audrey Driskell
   Mary Richarte
love it - fond memories
   Terry Hart
I ordered a Large, I'm 6'0 and 185 lbs. This cycling jersey fits perfectly, its snug against the body but not too tight. Works great for the price.
   Marwa Ibrahim Said
The large fits my husband great! The fabric is great for working out.
   Nathaniel Villoga Carpio

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